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Working experiences

Brief summary of my most important working experiences

Experiences in Italy
Restaurant “San Domenico” in Imola, where I started my culinary adventure
Restaurant “Romano” in Viareggio
Restaurant “Bastianelli al Molo” in Fiumicino
Hotel “Miami” in Milano Marittima
Hotel “Majestic” in Madonna di Campiglio
“Galateo Ricevimenti” in Florence

Experiences abroad
Opening “San Domenico”, New York
“Harri’s Cipriani, New York
Confectionery “Pascal Piermattei” Etei, France
Restaurant “I Gladiatori” London

Chefs with whom I have co-operated
Valentino Marcattilii, Paul Bartolotta, Jean Marie Meulien, Paolo Vai,

Igles Corelli, Herbert Hitner, Maurizio Cerea, Antonio Santini,

Franca Checchi, Carlo Cracco, Giancarlo Perbellini.

Some organized activities
Organization of the catering at the Camera Nazionale of Italian Fashion

  (Milano Moda Donna)

Reception at the Presidential residence at Castel Porziano
Cooking course and banquet at the Southern California University
Organization of a buffet for the IAMA international meeting
One of the founders of Academia Barilla (Executive Chef, I also followed the layout of the location, the purchasing of the            majority of the machinery, the complete gastronomical organization, handling the sponsors, the suppliers and the organization of the gastronomic part of the website)
Organization and support of the launch of Academia Barilla in the U.S.A with Carlo Cracco and Giancarlo Perbellini

- Demonstrations and courses of Italian cuisine in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
- Management Catering Events “Festival Verdi” in Parma
- Organization and preparation of a typical Parmesan dinner in Aspen, Colorado (USA)
- Organization and preparation of a buffet for “The Mediterranean Diet” organized by the New York University
- Organization of the dinner for the 50th anniversary of the Michelin Guide
- Organization and management of the tasting event for the launch of Alixir Mulino Bianco all over Italy
- Managing  the contacts with all the Chefs and commissioning of the recipes of the book “Chefs and Secret of Italy” published by White Star for Academia Barilla
- Preparation of the recipes for the photos made for the book “Pasta” published by White Star for Academia Barilla
- Organization and preparation of 500 photos made for the Barilla website.

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