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Parfait Cassata alla Siciliana

Ingredients for 10 servings:

62,5  g   Fresh Ricotta cheese
 200  g    Italian meringa             
 200  g    Candied hazelnuts   
   25  g    Peeled pistachios 

100  g     Mix of candied fruits   

  25  g     Raisins   
    5  cl     Kirsch 
4,4  dl     Fresh cream 


Preparation time: 60 min

• Boil the liquor, pour in a bowl and add the raisins.
•  Cut the candied fruits into pieces and add with the pistachios and raisins to the liquor when cold.  Let stay for a few hours.
• Whip the cream in a blender. Add to the whipped cream half of the meringa, the drained fruits, the candied hazelnuts and mix.
• Then add the remaining part of the meringa and mix well .
• Put the mixture into moulds and freeze.
• Serve the sauce with a raspberry sauce.

Chocolate salami


Ingredients for 4 servings:     

2,8 oz.  Dry biscuits 

1,4 oz.  Butter
1,4 oz.  Unsweetened cocoa powder 
1,4 oz.  Peeled almonds                      
1           Egg yolk                                   

(Preparation time: 20’)

• Break the biscuits into small pieces.
• Soften the butter and mix with all the other ingredients.
• Shape the dough into rolls of about 1,5/2 inches long, then wrap into aluminum foil and freeze.
• Before serving cut as desired.

Panna Cotta

     1 lt.   Milk       
     1 lt.   Cream    
400 g    Sugar   
  35 g    Gelatin  


• Boil together milk, cream and sugar.
•  Add the gelatin previously softened in cold water and then squeezed.
• Mix well and pour into moulds.
• Place in the fridge for a few hours.

Sycilian Cannoli


Ingredients for 4 servings:

For the dough:
7    oz.    Flour

0,7 oz.    Cocoa
0,8 oz.    Sugar
   2 n       Eggs
1 Tbsp   Marsala/Rhum
0,7 oz.    Butter
1 pinch   Salt

For the filling:

17,6 oz.  Fresh Ricotta cheese
     7 oz.  Sugar
  1,7 oz.  Candied fruit
  1,7 oz.  Chocolate pieces
  1,7 oz.  Pistachios

for frying  Extra virgin olive oil
for decoration  Icing sugar


• Mix the flour, cocoa, butter and eggs. Then add the Marsala in order to increase the structure of the dough.
• Once the mixture is homogeneous, let it stay for about half an hour.
• In the meanwhile prepare the filling: sift the ricotta cheese and add the other ingredients. Then let it cool in the fridge.
• Roll out the dough and shape into squares about 4 inches long to wrap around tin containers.
• Fry in plenty of hot oil.
• When the pasta squares turn brown, dry and cool down in order to remove from metallic utensils.
• Fill each cannolo through a sac-a-poche, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve immediately.

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